Saturday, May 15, 2010

We've got vegetables

These were taken from the deck because it was raining...but look!! We've got growth!!

Lettuces are "poofing" (as Chris said)

Grow Garden Grow!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time for the 2010 Garden!

Yay garden season!

I have to share a funny story about my "farming" obsession. The number one thing I have wanted in my backyard is a chicken coop. Full of chickens of course. I'm not talking a thousand chickens or anything. Like five or six. Cute ones. A normal "white" chicken, a few black ones, one of those really ugly uber feathery ones. Ya know, a bunch of different ones!! Anywho, this whole gardening thing was my big idea. I wanted a garden. I had been begging Jenn's parents for years for one! So...I asked (begged, pleaded, got Avery attached to the idea) Lyz and Chris if they thought they could spare a few feet of their backyard (now a 20x25 foot section) to plant a garden. And, I got my wish!

So this year, I thought I would try for the chickens. I mean really...getting the garden was easy, what could be so hard about chickens? The CLAD backyard is ginormous! Who would notice a few chickens back by the tool shed, not in the middle of the horseshoe pit of course. So a few weeks ago, I asked Lyz. Lyz's reaction? Hysterical laughter. I let the subject drop for a bit. On Saturday I graphed out the 2010 garden plans. Actually, two plans. Ya know, just in case Chris wasn't impressed with the first one. Chris had come with Jenn to pick me up for work and I showed him the plans. (He picked plan two just in case you were curious.) On the car ride home, I decided to ask Chris about the chickens.

Heidi: Hey Chris. The garden was so much fun last year, and we're doing it this year...what if we improved on it a bit?
Chris: What do you have in mind?
H: Well, I was watching Martha (insert and eyeroll from both Chris and Jenn) the other day. We can get a whole started kit for just over $100.
C (in a very leary voice): Starter kit for what?
H: Well, chickens!
C: Dead silence. Um. No.
H: But it would be so fun!
C: They smell. They are a pain in the butt.
H: But they lay fresh eggs! And then we could have bbq!*
C: If I was going to add any animals to the backyard farming project I would do rabbits.
H: Ok, fine then. Can we build a grape trellis and grow grapes?
C: Fine me some good plans for a grape trellis and we will grow grapes.

In all reality this conversation went much longer than the above. But it was fun! When we got to CLAD's, we walked in and heard Chris saying to Lyz "She wants CHICKENS! I compromised and we are doing grapes instead." Lyz's response? "Maybe she tricked you. Maybe all she wanted was a grape trellis, so she thought she would start with something more complicated so that the grape trellis would seem simple and doable." Lyz is so smart. So next year I am going to beg for a cow. Maybe chickens won't seem so complicated then!

So....Here is Garden 2010. We will also be using blog this year, so feel free to bookmark it too!

This year we planted:
Cucumbers (from seeds)
Watermelon (from seeds)
Big Pumpkins (from seeds-not planted yet, we want to wait a bit. Last years pumpkins rotted way before Halloween)
Little Pumpkins (from seeds-not planted yet, we want to wait a bit. Last years pumpkins rotted way before Halloween)
Snow Peas (from seeds)
Lettuce (from seeds-2 rows)
Broccoli (from seeds)
Brussel Sprouts (from seeds)
Radishes (from seeds)
Potatoes (from seed potatoes)
Strawberries (from seedlings)
Tomatoes (from seedlings)
Corn (from seeds-4 rows)

We are so excited!! I cannot wait to see things starting to grow. We are going to have a Summer full of yummy salads and stir fries! And of course, I have some pictures to share!!!
Planting potatoes (the other little girl is a friend of Avery's from Preschool):

Tomatoes and the Snow Pea fence:

Planting Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Radishes:

Planting Corn:

Watering/Playing in mud:

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Garden Check 7/27/09--and Yummy Food!!

Check out our garden!

Our pumpkins have started to really grow!

The cantaloupes finally look like cantaloupes:

The carrots have grown to ginormous proportions, and while I did not get a picture of an actual carrot, here is Jenn, Chris and Avery looking at them:

For dinner we had a bounty of food from the garden. Corn on the cob, green beans, cucumbers, and carrots (with butter and brown sugar of course). It was so yummy and everything tasted extra wonderful because we grew it all ourselves!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden Check 7-12-2009

Dude. Avery's Garden ROCKS!!!
Some more pickings of carrots, and a few radishes from the new crop:

Radishes still growing strong:

A jungle of Carrots:

Soon we won't be able to see Avery at all through the corn!:

Green beans (they need to thicken up a little bit...but they sure taste good!):


Future Pumpkins:

Check out the size of the pumpkin leaves!!:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh My Gosh My Goodness!!!!!

Do you see what I see?????? Cantaloupes!!! Chris found them! They haven't been eaten alive by the cucumber plants as we once believed!!! Yummy!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Garden Check 7/3

Seriously. It has only been 2 weeks since our last check and I swear the garden has more than doubled!!! We've eaten radishes, sweet peas, cucumbers, and a few carrots!!

Jenn, Lyz and Avery harvesting some of the carrots:

Lyz lost in a jungle of carrots:

Avery showing off a carrot:

Radishes 2.0 growth:

Baby green beans:

The cucumbers have taken over the garden...they have grown through the green beans and moved into the spot where we took out the sweet pea plants.

We learned two lessons in this. First, next year we will have to put some chicken wire or something up for the sweet peas to climb. Apparently they don't do a very good job of growing if you just lay them on the soil. Second...we need to give the cucumbers more space next year. I don't remember them taking over the garden we had growing up like this. But then in my head the garden we had growing up was like three acres big, which would be impossible since my parents don't have that much land.
The flower of a pumpkin to be:

We plan on growing the biggest, prettiest pumpkin we can and having Avery enter it in the local 4H competition. She planted the seeds and waters the pumpkins specifically so that she is in full participation of the pumpkin growing.
And oh my word the corn. Can you spot the 3 1/2 year old in this picture??

It even has cute little baby corns growing!:

We are so proud of our garden! Lyz and I were eating a bit of cucumber last night and it tasted even better because we knew we grew it! It is so amazing what a garden can give you. Now yes, we only got one harvest of sweet peas before those plants gave up, and we have no idea what happened to the cantaloupe. They could be somewhere under the monster cucumber plant, but we can't find it!! But everything else is beautiful and plentiful!! Yippeee for our garden!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Garden Check 6/21

Oh My Goodness!! This garden is growing like a weed!!!!!

The radishes were harvested last week. So Chris replanted...and look! They are already so big!!

We have sweet peas!!!!

The carrots are getting so tall!

And check out the corn!!!

Look!!! A cucumber!!

The whole garden: